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15% savings on 6 String Bouzoukia continue!



Sakis 1A 6 string with classic traditional oval sound hole that not only lends itself to Rembetica music but has that beautiful simple look that was so much part of the Bouzouki before the 8 string instrument came into the mainstay. Having played both 8 string and 6 string myself, it is evident many of the old Vamvakaris and Tsantis songs were written and originally played on a 6 string. Beautifully appointed with alternating light and dark staves in the bowl. Comes with nice gig bag and extra set of strings. Gig bag can be deleted and credited toward a hard case.



$637a great for the bouzouki enthusiast!








Below is an experienced Sakis No. 5 6 String with Savvas pickup installed.  This bouzouki was used for a short while and is in near new condition.  This instrument has beautiful Mother of Pearl around the sound hole and flowers.  A perfect instrument for the more serious player who also wants to save a ton of money.  This instrument new now is about $2,100... I am offering it here for a significant discount.  



$ 1,140 a beautiful instrument for authentic 6 string sound !