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Sales...Set-up...Instruction...Minor Repair...Accessories... for Bouzouki, Baglama, Tjoura, Lavta, and Laouta
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Bouzoukia on this page include gig bag and extra set of strings.  The gig bag could be deleted and replaced with a solid case, for extra cost. 
8 String Sakis 2A with 19 staves walnut bowl, truss rod.  Insert shows the very nice detail on the back of the neck and bowl, white pealoid lined fret board. Complete with Savas pickup!  Plug it in and start the Taxim of your dreams! Great value for the money.   $940 only one left in stock!
8 String "slightly strummed " 15 alternate light and dark staved bowl.  This unique  instrument has a classic oval sound hole and pic guard reminiscent of the original bouzoukia of years ago.  Although used, the fret wear shows very little usage!  This would be a great instrument to learn to play with a classic look and sound.  It comes with a padded gig bag and extra set of strings.  Opa!
 $540 only one like it !
Beautiful tuning pegs!