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  Peter W. Peterson
Company history
When I was a little boy and my Dad (his picture above) would let me play his Mandolin, I would ask him why it didn't sound like the Greek records?  He told me because the Greek instrument was a bouzouki...   I promised myself I would get one and learn to play.  My Nouno Andrew Lemnotis went to Greece when I was about 14 and brought me back my first bouzouki.  I played it at the school plays and talent shows and people would ask....."What is that?"  
My Dad and my Nouno were the ones that let me live my dream.... many people have dreams that they never get to experience.... I did because of them!  When I couldn't find a decent instrument on the East Coast, I wrote to Mr. Matsikas and  started I vowed to offer to the public, great instruments, both beginner and professional, from my home in Bethlehem CT and hope to spread the joy and satisfaction that comes from playing an instrument that starts in your heart and follows your passion and on to the strings.