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Thank you for visiting our site.... take a look through the list of instruments from Greece and Turkey from the tiny baglama to the Large Oud. We have a lot of instruments in stock available for you to try out, at various playing levels from beginner to professional quality.
After several years offering authentic Greek Instruments on this website, I am pleased to announce my affiliation with a Master Luthier, Chris Pantazelos of Spartan Instruments, Lowell Massachusetts.  
Please visit Chris's website to see some of the absolutely beautiful work he does both repair and restoration of any stringed instrument, as well as his own hand built instruments. 
Below is a stringed cross breed instrument Bouzouki/Laouta I had purchased.  It was originally made with no frets.  I only play fretted instruments and Chris is the only luthier in the eastern states that would undertake the challenge without flinching.  Pictures below show the instrument with no frets as purchased, and then the gorgeous fret board finished with side and finger board markers.  The fret work is actually superior to the overall quality of the original instrument.    
       A view of some of the instruments at Spartan Instruments during a recent visit.                             
 You may have and old instrument passed down from your Yia Yia or Papou or someone else in your family and it is in bad shape or condition.  There is no job to tough for Chris to review and give you several options to bring the instrument back to new like renovated condition.    Check out Chris's website below.